6 Tricks For Hiding Grey Roots At Home

(HealthyAccess)- Covering unwanted grey hair can be both a source of stress and an expense when it becomes necessary to regularly schedule salon appointments. Expenses can add up quickly when grey roots begin coming out earlier and earlier–requiring more closely-spaced appointments to keep them concealed. However, going to the salon at close intervals isn’t the only way to cover up the grey.

If you’re not ready for the maintenance and expense of coloring grey roots at the salon, there are several ways to take care of that. Here are 6 tips for hiding grey roots at home.

Choose a new hairstyle.

Fixing hair in a new way could distract from grey roots, providing an effective cover. Throwing on a headband, hair wrap, or simply choosing an updo versus leaving hair down are all ways to create a distraction.

Consider cosmetic assistance.

Grab eyebrow liner, mascara, or other makeup products that can be used to brush up and cover grey roots in a pinch. While these products may be made for keeping eyebrows on point or darkening lashes, they can be effective for concealing greys temporarily.

Select a hair color powder.

One of the quickest ways to keep grey at bay is to have hair color powder on hand to use between color touch-ups. Most hair color powders will stay in until the hair is washed, making them a convenient, quick, and easy go-to when needed. Apply hair color powder before getting dressed for the day to avoid staining clothes.

Go with a spray.

If a powder doesn’t work well, consider going with a grey root spray. These aerosol sprays, similar to hairspray, can be good temporary fixes between coloring appointments. Be sure to apply the spray before putting on nice clothes, though. Additionally, covering the shoulders with a towel can help keep the spray from settling on the skin.

Consider pens, wands, and markers.

In addition to powders and sprays, hair color technology has advanced to give us pens, wands and markers that are all designed to color greys. These tools are especially effective for problem spots that show earlier than others. Whether you choose a touch-up stick at the first sign of grey roots or try one of these other products, there are options to keep those greys well covered.

Consider semi-permanent home hair color.

While semi-permanent hair color won’t fix greys entirely, it will darken them between treatments. Just be sure to plan applications carefully so that the color is completely gone before the next trip to the stylist.

While none of these techniques will permanently fix the problem of unwanted grey hair, they can help put space between color treatments, saving time and money on appointments. With these six hair hacks, those grey roots can be banished–at least, for a little while.

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