How To Get Rid of Allergy Shiners

(HealthyAccess)- Allergy shiners, or dark circles under the eyes, can be a primary symptom of nasal allergies. They’re primarily caused by nasal and sinus congestion.

Allergy shiners can also be accompanied by itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, or fatigue. Shiners may be more of a cosmetic concern than a nagging symptom, but with a few easy steps, we can get rid of them.

#1 Identify and avoid the allergen.

If we know what triggers our allergies, we can do our best to avoid that trigger. Avoiding the allergen is a primary way to get rid of a shiner. While the elimination of potential allergens may help to identify the culprit, allergy testing by a physician might also be needed.

#2 Use a nasal spray.

Using a decongestant nasal spray can help with the congestion that causes shiners. It can help clear airways, but make sure not to use them for more than three days to avoid exacerbating the problem. If there are unpleasant side effects, stop use and see a doctor.

#3 Try eye drops.

Decongestant eye drops can potentially help remove shiners. They should also be used for three days or less to avoid worsening the condition.

#4 Use a cold compress.

Placing a cold compress over the eyes can help reduce the appearance of dark circles caused by allergies. It’s possible to make a simple cold compress at home by running cold water over a washcloth, wringing the cloth out, and then laying it across the eyes.

#5 Add extra pillows.

To help with fluid drainage, add extra pillows to the bed to elevate the head at night. Propping the head up facilitates extra drainage, which can reduce the appearance of allergy shiners.

#6 Grab some concealer.

While treating the symptoms of an allergy shiner, consider covering unsightly dark circles with a little concealer. It will reduce the appearance while we find other methods to relieve the symptoms causing them.

#7 Try an antihistamine.

Over-the-counter antihistamines could help get rid of allergy shiners. They could also help relieve symptoms that lead to those dark circles.

#8 Talk to a doctor.

If over-the-counter remedies are showing no signs of improving or eliminating the problem, consider speaking to a healthcare professional. Prescription medications may be needed to help with congestion and inflammation.

Allergy shiners can be uncomfortable and annoying, but there are ways to find relief. We can try these methods the next time those dark circles appear to help us look and feel better.

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