How To Safely Get Rid of Blackheads At Home

(HealthyAccess)- blackheads can be a challenge. They form from pores clogged with sebum, or dead skin cells and oil, which oxidizes when exposed to air. Blackheads can last for days, weeks, or even months, and attempting to pop them can cause pain and scarring.

Safely removing blackheads is possible, however. It doesn’t require a spa facial, and it can even be done at home. Here’s how:

#1 Choose a gentle cleanser.

Harsh chemicals can strip the skin of moisture, causing more sebum to develop. This can make the problem of blackheads worse. Gentle cleansers clean skin without removing moisture.

#2 Add steam.

For those who don’t own a home facial steamer, consider taking a hot shower, applying a thick moisturizer to the face, covering the affected area with plastic wrap, and then layering hot, moist towels on top. This creates a steaming effect that can make blackheads easier to extract.

#3 Moisturize.

While excess moisture causes blackheads, skipping moisturizer can cause drying of the skin, which will lead to the skin producing more of the oil that causes blackheads. It’s a vicious cycle. Regularly moisturizing can reduce and prevent blackheads.

#4 Exfoliate often.

Exfoliating our faces regularly can help to remove, and possibly prevent, blackheads. Choose a gentle chemical exfoliant over a scrub for best results. Scrubbing can irritate the skin, causing unwanted redness and discomfort.

#5 Reach for a pore strip.

Blackhead removing pore strips can help easily remove blackheads at home. They are easy to apply and remove and can take care of those pesky blackheads in minutes. Use caution with sensitive skin, though, as the adhesive on pore strips can potentially be irritating.

#6 Use an extracting tool.

Using a tool meant for extracting blackheads is better than trying to remove them with our nails. It’s a cleaner, safer removal method. Be sure to clean the tool properly before and after use to prevent introducing harmful bacteria to the area.

#7 Consider a topical retinoid.

A topic retinoid is often used as a targeted acne treatment, but it can also help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Apply overnight for best results.

#8 Look for products with added Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can remove and even prevent blackheads. Using skincare products with Vitamin C is an easy solution to the problem of blackheads. Vitamin C has the added bonus of brightening the skin.

Blackheads may be stubborn, but with a few simple tricks, we can improve our skincare game and see those blemishes disappear. While visiting a skincare professional is always recommended for extreme cases, there are plenty of options available for addressing this problem from the comfort of our own homes.

~Here’s to a Happier, Healthier Life!

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