You NEED To Stop Touching Your Face – Here’s How

(HealthyAccess)- We’ve been told for years that touching our faces can spread germs and lead to illness. But COVID-19 made it abundantly clear that we really need to stop touching our faces once and for all.

Touching the face is a habit, and breaking it may seem impossible. In fact, the more we try to stop, the more conscious we become of how often we do it during the day.

So, how do we stop touching our faces for good?

#1 Be aware.

To be able to stop touching our faces, we need to be aware of when we’re doing it. Paying attention to when we feel the impulse to touch our faces can provide valuable information about what triggers that response. If we can identify the triggers, we’re more likely to address them.

#2 Keep tissues on hand.

If we often reach up to scratch an itch, having a tissue on hand can ease that feeling of discomfort without directly touching our faces in the process. While it doesn’t stop the behavior, it does modify it to decrease the spread of germs.

#3 Adjust our mindset.

In order to help break this bad habit, we need to understand that touching our faces frequently is just as harmful as going to the restroom and not properly washing our hands. When we address face-touching with the same urgency as hand-washing, we help prevent the spread of illness to ourselves and to others.

#4 Keep our hands busy.

While grabbing a fidget spinner may not be something we’re prone to do, we may want to consider what we can do with our hands to help us stop touching our faces. We can keep our hands busy, keep them in our pockets, or figure out other ways to avoid the impulse to reach up toward our faces throughout the day.

#5 Put on masks properly.

Putting our masks on properly and wearing the correct size can help prevent us from adjusting and readjusting our masks throughout the day. This can cut down on how often we’re tempted to reach up and touch our faces.

#6 Consider our hairstyles.

Wearing our hair pulled back or styled in a way that it’s unlikely to bother our faces can be a way to help us avoid touching our faces. Consider a new hairstyle if adjusting the hair is one of the primary reasons for touching the face.

#7 Sit differently.

Make sure to sit down without slumping or putting elbows on the table. The way we sit can influence our natural tendency to rest our head or face in our hands, resulting in face touching.

#8 Correct our fit for eyeglasses.

Making sure our glasses fit well is another way to stop touching our faces. Poorly fitting glasses lead to frequent adjustments, since the frames may slide down the bridge of the nose. Additionally, we may reach up to adjust the arms over our ears.

#9 Fix the itch.

Moisturizing our skin can help prevent itchy patches that could cause the urge to touch our faces. Being proactive by moisturizing daily can help us keep our hands off our faces throughout the day.

Putting our fingers on our faces is a bad habit, and it may take time to learn a better one. By taking these steps, we can learn how to finally stop touching our faces and spreading germs in the process.

~Here’s to a Happier, Healthier Life!

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