7 Things You Need To Have To Keep A Healthier Home

(HealthyAccess)- We spend so much time in our homes. Even though a large portion of that time may be taken up by sleeping, it’s important to make sure that our homes are as healthy as possible. Here are seven simple things we all need to keep a healthier home.

1. Two Rugs at Each Entrance

While many people keep a welcome mat outside their homes, it’s also important to have an eco-friendly, washable indoor mat inside the doorway. This mat can be used as a stopping point to remove dirt and germs before walking further into the house. Choosing a mat made from eco-friendly materials will help limit chemical exposure in our homes. Making sure the mat is washable will make it easier to sanitize.

2. A No-shoes-indoors Policy

While having a rug on either side of entrances is important, instituting a no-shoe policy in the house can stop germs in their tracks. By making a space for shoes right beside the indoor mat, we can limit the spread of germs, dust, and other bacteria from going further into our homes. Whether we choose to change into slippers or continue in stocking feet, we’re protecting our homes and the people in them. It’s also important to make sure that the no-shoe policy is respected by visitors, as well.

3. Open Windows for Natural Ventilation

Air circulating inside the home can become contaminated and leave the environment feeling stuffy. Opening windows to allow for natural ventilation can be a natural way to improve indoor air quality.

4. Add House Plants

Having indoor plants has numerous health benefits, including improved air quality, lower levels of stress, and higher rates of productivity. For a greater boost, choose house plants associated with additional health benefits.

5. Use Water Filters

Adding a water filter can be an easy way to make the home healthier. Whether we attach a filter to the faucet, use refillable bottles with filters, or keep a filtered pitcher in the refrigerator, clean drinking water is an easy addition for better health.

6. Use Air Purifying Filters

While air filters may be an additional expense, they have been shown to help improve indoor air quality. An air purifier is a worthwhile purchase for those suffering from allergies or asthma. However, everyone can benefit from cleaner air.

7. Eco-friendly cleaning products

Getting rid of chemical-laden cleaning products in exchange for eco-friendly alternatives is a major step in making the home healthier. Reading labels and researching natural cleaning solutions could help reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals, making our homes safer for us, our families, and even for our pets.

Home is more than just the place where we sleep. The environments we exist in can impact our mood, our sense of self, and even our health. By making these seven changes, we just might make our houses and our bodies healthier.

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