How To Show Your Partner They’re Truly Loved

(HealthyAccess)- There are many ways to express love, but sometimes people forget to intentionally show their partners that they’re truly loved. And sometimes, people don’t always know the best way to express appreciation and affection. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful ways to show someone they’re loved.

Wondering how you can show your partner how much you love and appreciate them? Read on.

Be Supportive

One of the best ways to show someone they’re loved is to be supportive, especially when times are tough. For instance, checking in with them about things that have been bothering them shows them they’re heard, cared for, and helps them open up if they’ve been suffering quietly. Support can also look like sitting with each other in silence, eating a tub of ice cream together, and brainstorming solutions.

Send Spontaneous Messages

Cute texts, emails, or instant messages can be a wonderful way to express love by letting a significant other know they’re being thought about, even when they’re not around. For the truly hopeless romantic, randomly leaving love letters or adoring little notes for their partner to find can be a wonderful way to express their affection, not to mention melt their lover’s heart.

Make Time to be Alone Together

With so much going on in a couple’s lives, it can be easy to drop the romantic gestures of date night. When time alone together seems to be dwindling, it can help to intentionally set up time for romance. Get a babysitter, dogsitter, or even a house sitter as needed and make a weekly or monthly reservation for time alone together, uninterrupted.

Actively Listen

Communication is key to a good relationship, and that means being present and attentive when one’s partner is talking. Make eye contact, put away the phone, and listen to hear rather than to respond. Sometimes the best way to show love is to give undivided attention to loved ones.

Do Chores for Them

Everyone has chores that they hate doing, so knowing the things that a significant other dislikes and taking care of those responsibilities for them (especially when they don’t ask) shows love and appreciation. This love message can be especially powerful when a partner has had a tough day and comes home to see that the chores on their to-do list are done.


It can be all too easy to think that relationships are all heat and passion, but true intimacy is being able to cuddle close without having to take things to the bedroom. Sometimes, something as simple as snuggling and watching a movie can be the loudest way to express love.

Surprise Gifts

There’s nothing quite like being surprised with a favorite snack, a bouquet of flowers, or a thoughtful gift to make someone feel loved. A simple present for no reason but to express adoration speaks volumes.

Know Each Other’s Love Languages

When it comes down to it, everyone has different preferred love languages for giving and receiving love. For anyone who wants to show their partner that they’re truly loved, it can help to explore one’s own love languages and the love languages of their partner. The five main love languages are receiving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and physical affection.

There are so many ways to express love, from giving gifts to cuddling to being present emotionally. Try them all every once in a while to keep the love alive.

~Here’s to a Happier, Healthier Life!

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