3 Reasons Garlic Is Great for Weight Loss

3 Reasons Garlic Is Great for Weight Loss

(AscendHealthy.com) – Garlic should be a staple in your kitchen for many reasons that extend beyond flavor. It’s a potent antimicrobial, it might protect against cancer and it can help ward off heart disease. It may even be an effective weight loss aid. Curious how garlic might help you slim your waistline? Let’s take a look at 3 reasons garlic is great for weight loss.

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Garlic has numerous health benefits, including the ability to help you lose weight. It helps with glucose regulation, which increases insulin sensitivity and reduces the risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It may also increase your distribution of brown fat, increasing your metabolism. It could even help increase the beneficial effects of exercise. See the full article for details on how garlic can help with weight loss.

Check out These 3 Reasons Garlic Is Great for Weight Loss.

1. It Helps With Glucose Regulation

Garlic could affect the way your body tackles sugars. Regular consumption can increase blood levels of a protein called adiponectin. This can increase insulin sensitivity, which may make garlic a great food for combating obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Another way to increase adiponectin levels is through rigorous exercise. Would you rather eat a bunch of garlic or hit the workout video until you’re dripping sweat? Tough question, right?

2. Garlic May Increase Brown Fat Composition

Studies on mice have found dietary garlic can prompt the body to produce higher amounts of brown adipose tissue, otherwise known as brown fat. This increases body temperature, improves metabolism and regulates proteins in the body that can contribute to weight gain.

An added benefit? The decrease in white adipose tissue (the type of fat that can cause obesity) and an increase in brown fat may also reduce the effects of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

3. It Can Complement Exercise

Eating garlic before you exercise could improve your workout results. Research has shown that combining allicin, another one of garlic’s important compounds, with exercise could improve workout benefits. This includes reductions in body mass and cholesterol and blood pressure regulation. If you’re going to exercise, why not get more out of it with a healthy dose of garlic?

How much garlic are you getting in your diet? If weight loss is one of your goals, you might consider increasing your garlic intake. In addition to its long list of health benefits, it adds a whole new dimension of flavor to most foods, making frequent and liberal use a real win-win.

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