5 Foods You Need to Avoid Before Bed

Insomnia strikes nearly everyone at least once in their lifetime, and for some people, finding a cause can be as frustrating as the symptom. Fortunately, the solution could be as simple as cutting some of the foods you’re eating before bed.

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You can improve your sleep quality if you avoid caffeine, sweets, high-fat foods, spicy or acidic foods and alcohol before bed. Find out how these foods could be contributing to your insomnia by checking out the full article below.

Trouble Sleeping? Avoid These 5 Foods Before Bed.


It should go without saying, but too many of us let caffeine slip into our nighttime routines. Just one vente latte can affect your ability to sleep six hours later, so avoid drinking coffee or caffeinated tea anytime near bedtime. Chocolate is also a rich source of caffeine, so skip the hot cocoa, even if it does contain warm milk.


Fluctuations in blood sugar can affect sleep quality, making it difficult to fall or stay asleep. People who consume high amounts of sugar tend to wake more often and get fewer hours of sleep. Avoid all sugary foods before bed, and don’t forget to check labels for hidden sources.

High-Fat Foods

Heavy foods can weigh on the gut, so when you go to bed with a stomach full of French fries or nachos, you might not find it so easy to reach a comfortable sleeping position. Fats slow digestion, causing food to remain in the gut longer, which can also exacerbate symptoms in people who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Spicy or Acidic Foods

GERD can also be a problem when your evening snacks are too spicy or acidic. Avoid any foods that could pack a peppery punch, along with citrus fruits, tomatoes and carbonated drinks. Refraining from adding vinegar or sauerkraut to your evening snacks might also be wise.


Contrary to what many of us have been taught, alcohol is a terrible nightcap. In fact, just one drink can reduce your quality of sleep. People who drink moderately average 24 percent less restorative sleep than their non-drinking counterparts, and that average jumps to over 39 percent in heavy drinkers.

Your nightly routine could have a greater impact on your sleep quality than you realize. Take a closer look at the foods you’re eating, as well as how much and how late you’re eating them. Your diet could be affecting your sleep quality, and the fix could be as simple as avoiding the right foods before bed. See what the change can do for you.

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