How to Start an At-Home Yoga Practice

Although yoga feels like a fairly new exercise here in America, it has actually been in the United States since 1893. With time, it has risen in popularity and has been thoroughly researched as a result.

We’ve learned that yoga isn’t solely a spiritual practice; those who practice it can experience a wide variety of health benefits. Joining a studio can be expensive, however, and yoga isn’t always available in rural areas. For those looking to try this exercise, a home practice is a good place to start.

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Yoga provides individuals with numerous health benefits, including strength, flexibility, weight management and injury prevention. Thanks to professionals providing videos online, it is possible to practice yoga at home when leaving the house or joining a studio isn’t an option. Learn more here about the supplies and resources needed to get started.

Add an At-Home Yoga Practice to Your Healthy Lifestyle.

Why Start an At-Home Yoga Practice?

The benefits of yoga are vast, with researchers confirming that regular practice can improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and help with weight maintenance. Additionally, because yoga uses techniques that can aid in relaxation, it can be used to gain some relief from chronic pain. Yoga can also be used to prevent injury for those who are also engaging in more rigorous workouts.

Starting an At-Home Practice: The Supplies

One of the perks of yoga is that it doesn’t require a lot of gear to get started. Beginners will likely only need a yoga mat, which can be ordered online for under $20, and comfortable clothing.

As new yogis move forward with their practice or develop specific goals for their practice, they may need to order additional supplies. Yoga blocks are used to provide extra support or make difficult poses more manageable. A strap can be used to encourage further flexibility.

Starting an At-Home Practice: The Lessons

Even though yoga can certainly require a lot of knowledge and practice, it can easily be adapted to a wide variety of skill sets and fitness levels. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by learning the practice itself, since there are so many free resources available online.

For beginners, we recommend finding an online instructor you connect with. Yoga with Adriene is a widely popular instructor who is known for providing videos that are ideal for beginners.

The benefits of yoga are both immediate and long-term, so following a regular practice a couple of times a week is a good approach to getting started. With an at-home option, consistent movement is so convenient!

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