Struggling at Work? This One Daily Choice Can Help

Work can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Long hours, detailed tasks and office politics can take their toll on even the most level-headed of people. There is one simple difference you can make to your routine to reduce your burden and avoid work burnout. We have the details.

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Wondering how you can reduce work burnout? It might sound like one more hassle to add to your long and exhausting workweek, but just a little exercise each day could change your life. Exercise has profound effects on mood, sleep and concentration, which can make you more productive and effective at work. For details on how regular exercise could reduce your struggles, see the article below.

This One Daily Choice Can Make Work Less of a Struggle.

The Power of Exercise

Today’s workplace has many employees constantly stressed out, skating the razor’s edge between emotional fatigue and burnout. What’s the biggest difference between the people who fall down that dark spiral and the people who don’t? Their activity levels. And the effect may be even more pronounced when they spend some of that active time outside with nature.

Improved Mood

A little exercise could be enough to brighten a bad day. One study showed that a mere 30 minutes of moderate exercise improved the overall mood among highly stressed workers. Women, who tend to have higher baseline anxiety levels, also noted reduced anxiety in response to the exercise. With improved mood, you can be better equipped to deal with day-to-day stressors, office politics and the demands and pitfalls of your job.

Better Sleep

Does stress from the job have you tossing and turning half the night? Exercise could help. A meta-analysis of 34 studies determined that people who exercise sleep better and for longer durations. Effectiveness can vary depending on age, health and the type of exercise a person engages in. Middle-aged and senior adults saw the greatest benefits. Pay attention to how exercise improves your sleep — and see what a difference that one small change can make to your workweek.

Increased Concentration

Suffering from mental fatigue? Studies have shown that exercise can improve concentration and cognitive function — but duration is key. A 5-minute warm-up followed by 20 minutes of moderate exercise and a 5-minute cool-down is ideal. Anything more or less than that may not have the intended benefits.

Exercise might feel like a daunting chore, but the potential benefits are too great to ignore. You owe it to yourself to make exercise a regular part of your schedule. Take a walk on your lunch break, join a gym or get involved in your favorite sport. You’ll feel better, sleep more regularly and have an easier time tackling those work projects.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Ascension!

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