These Drinks May Be Turbo for Cancer

Sugar-sweetened drinks are a staple for many adults, as well as teens and children. Some adults reportedly downs 12 cans of soda on a daily basis, and pediatricians report that nearly half a child’s fruit intake comes from juice. Unfortunately, too many sugary drinks may increase your risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer or prostate cancer, experts warn. Find out which drinks to avoid — and what to replace them with — below.

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Sugar is blamed for everything from obesity to diabetes, and it may even up your odds of developing cancer. Research shows a connection between sugary beverages and cancer, and all it takes is a small glass of soda or juice each day to increase your risk. Read on to learn more about sugary drinks you should limit or avoid.

Read This Before You Chug Another Bottle of Soda.

Go Easy on the Soda

Soda was one of two culprits linked to an increased risk of cancer in a French study that spanned nearly a decade. The study tracked the dietary habits of more than 100,000 adults and discovered that drinking just one small glass, or 100 ml, of soda or juice per day increased participants’ overall risk of cancer by 18%. Participants also had a 22% increased risk of developing breast cancer.

These results are limited to traditional sweeteners; the study did not find an increased risk of cancer in diet soda drinkers. However, artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose, have been linked to numerous other health concerns.

Limit Fruit Juice

Many people mistakenly assume naturally sweetened fruit juice is a healthy alternative to soda. While it’s true that sometimes fruit juice has less sugar than your fizzy favorites, the French study still found a connection between fruit juice consumption and cancer. This connection includes natural fruit juice, not just fruit drinks with added sugar.

If you or your little ones can’t imagine parting with your daily glass of fruit juice, consider trying a blend that includes veggies or protein, such as nut milk. This may help you consume less sugar by limiting fruit consumption or making you feel satisfied after a smaller portion.

What Should You Drink Instead?

Water, unsweetened tea and black coffee are refreshing alternatives to juice and soda. If you need something with more flavor, try adding a cucumber or fresh herbs to your drink. You can also try cow’s milk, nut milk or soy milk when thirst strikes.

While the study found a connection rather than a direct link between cancer and sugary drinks, it’s worth nothing that soda and fruit juice are packed with sugar. Sugar is associated with a number of health risks, from heart disease to obesity. With that in mind, limiting your consumption of sugary beverages may still be helpful — even if it doesn’t decrease your odds of developing cancer.

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